Galapagos islands (official name: Archipiélago de Colón) are a group of islands province of the Republic of Ecuador and are located in the Pacific Ocean around the Equator. The archipelago consists of 13 large islands, six smaller islands and over 100 islets. The islands are of origin volcanic with the last activity being recorded in 2015 and are well known for the diversity of fascinating fauna and endangered species.    


Chartering a Yacht in this region is the optimal way to discover a world of hidden treasures.  97% of the Islands belong to a National Park, what grants visitors the guarantee of receiving one of the most fantastic wild-life watching experiences our planet has to offer. 

You can see everything from the “tropical” Galapagos penguins and fur sea lions sun-bathing on the pristine sandy beaches to giant tortoises while diving or snorkeling in the crystal clear water of the pacific ocean.

A trip getting into the Galapagos Islands involves first a flight to Guayaquil or Quito, Ecuador and then a transfers with a domestic flight (offered daily) to the Island of Baltra or San Cristobal. Customary yacht arrangements will follow.