Yacht charter FAQ’s – Frequent Asked questions might arise when booking a yacht charter. Please do not hesitate to contact us any time with any questions you may have. We are here to provide you the answers. Thank you.


Q. What’s an “All Inclusive” yacht Charter?

A. Yacht charters operating mainly in the USVI’s and BVI’S. All expenses and fees are included i.e. Meals, Drinks (ship’s bar), Fees, Taxes, Crew service. Refer to each yacht E-brochure for specific details.

Q. What kind of Charter terms are there?

A. Charter terms are the way a yacht finances the operation expenses of running a charter: There are basically 2 types: All inclusive and plus expenses or APA (Advanced Provisioning allowance).

Q. What does APA means?

A. Advance Provisioning Allowance is the way a yacht organizes the resources while running a charter. It is often called “Plus expenses”. Other than in the Virgin Islands (Bahamas some times), yachts basically use the APA concept to run a charter. The APA operates basically like an onboard petty cash (big bucks in this case) and the captain/chef use the money on your behalf to provision the yacht or pay required cruising taxes or fees. Consider aprox. 15-25% for sailing yachts and aprox. 25-35% for motor yachts.

Q. What’s not included in an All inclusive charter?

A. Depending of the yacht the following concepts might not be included in an all inclusive charter: Special food, premium beverages not specified in the Ship’s bar, fishing licenses, Scuba diving fees, dockage fees, crew gratuity. Refer to each yacht E-brochure for specific details.

Q. How much gratuity should I consider for the crew service?

A. It is expected that guests tip the crew at the end of the charter; The amount is at your discretion. Consider a customary 15-20% for charters in the Caribbean, Bahamas, USA/Canada and 10-15% for charters in the rest of the world. Gratuity can often be wired (bank/PayPal etc.) directly to the captain or using the escrow account. Please contact us for handling options.