Yacht charter broker – Do I need one?

Describing the role of the Yacht charter broker – Do I need one?  That’s mainly the first arising question when getting into the process of booking a private yacht for charter. You might probably prefer to go on life under a DIY motto and no question in regards your success in accomplishing most of your tasks. Booking a private yacht charter vacation through a reputable broker is definitely the right decision in order to start a true “lay back and relax” vacation. In this case the answer to your first question is: Yes, and the good news are all the yacht charter broker service comes at no additional charge to you!! – I knew that question will immediately follow. Here I had put together the main reasons why you should use the services of a yacht charter broker:


1. Best match: guests | crew | yacht 

Yachtissimo Yacht charter brokers get to the task to travel yearly and visit most of the nautical shows worldwide. By inspecting the yachts, interviewing the crews and getting familiar with the cruising destination and the “getting there” implications we gain valuable knowledge. All of this, with the purpose to get a better feeling when proposing a specific yacht for a particular charter group.

Children friendly yachts, Kosher-diet capabilities, installations for corporate meetings, etc. are only some of the requirements which might be pointed out when requesting a yacht quote. Being there at the cruising destination area on the yacht and with the crew provide us with exceptional knowledge about the yacht atmosphere and the best way for your to travel to the yacht. Attending the yacht shows and meeting the crew personally as well as the personal of the yacht management house and some times the yacht owner and/or other related industry authorities eases the communication process when booking a yacht. The process of selecting a yacht for charter can result very time consuming if you lack the fleet overview and connections. 

yacht charter broker in laptop


2.  No extra fees for you

That’s the good news here! All services you receive from your charter yacht broker with Yachtissimo are entirely covered by the yacht owner. Let’s put it in other words: whether you you use a yacht charter broker or not, the cost for your will be the same. 

In this case, once your booking is confirmed and the charter agreement is signed, the only additional cost that comes to you is the Advanced Provisioning Allowance (APA), which is approx. 25-30% for motor yachts and 15-25% for sailing yachts. The APA will be managed by the captain/chef to cover your charter expenses such as fuel, provisioning, cruising/fishing licenses, etc.  If your are booking an All inclusive yacht (common yacht charter terms in the Virgin Islands), depending on the specific yacht case, you might have no extra costs coming to you.




3.  Unbiased advice

Yachtissimo yacht charter brokers are committed to represent the interests of the client and by no means we represent or issue any marketing of the yacht fleet displayed on our website. That means, our only objective in mind is to work hard in finding the yacht that best suits and exceeds your expectations.


4.  Hassle-free vacation

It is your vacation! First, the selection of the right yacht can be overwhelming.  We will guide you through this crucial decision providing you with a hand-picked selection out of our portfolio which qualify to meet your requirements. Relay on our experience when signing the charter agreement as we will thoroughly verify the essentials. Now, relax and prepare to enjoy premium quality time with your friends and family.


5. Concierge service

At yachtissimo, we are on charge! Consider us your one-shop personal travel agent from the very first moment you contact us until the time you come back home after your yacht charter holiday. Our dedicated support goes beyond the mere activity of booking a the yacht. Yachtissimo yacht charter broker will take care of providing assistance with whatever kind of needs or questions you might have during your charter. Whether you need a flight alternative, a transfer to the yacht, some advice about the local tipping etiquette or a solution to any problem while on charter, we are always here to take care of it. 


6.  Best value for your money

At Yachtissimo we strive to deliver the best value offers for your money. With access to every yacht available for charter and our price match guarantee on like for like offers you can be sure you are getting the best possible rate for a yacht escape. 


7.  Accredited yacht charter brokers

There are clear guidelines about choosing a yacht charter broker.  Reputable yacht charter brokers are members of any of the most recognized organizations are: The Worldwide Yachting Association (MYBA) and the Charter Yacht Brokers Association (CYBA). Accredited yacht charter brokers will act according to their code of ethics and book only yachts and crews that meet these professional standards and qualifications to provide you with the best charter experience.