YACHTISSIMO’s Environmental Sustainability Pledge

At YACHTISSIMO, our pledge is to champion environmental sustainability, safeguarding our oceans for future generations. As active participants in the CYBA program “Going Green! to save the Blue,” we’ve committed to minimizing our ecological footprint in the luxury yacht charter industry. This commitment aligns seamlessly with our ethos of responsible yachting.

Our foremost objective is to combat plastic waste in the marine environment. We fervently encourage partner yachts to reduce plastic bottle usage by providing infused water stations and reusable drink bottles to our esteemed guests. This seemingly small yet impactful initiative significantly reduces single-use plastic consumption, positively influencing marine ecosystems.

But our commitment doesn’t stop at advocacy—it extends to hands-on action. We wholeheartedly endorse and actively support the 4Ocean initiative, a distinguished organization dedicated to ocean and coastline cleanup. Through our purchases of their recycled-material bracelets, we directly contribute to their cleanup endeavors. Furthermore, our role as proud 4Ocean ambassadors underlines our unwavering dedication to making a tangible difference in marine conservation.

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These pledges embody more than mere words; they’re the very fabric of YACHTISSIMO’s core values. We remain resolute in our pursuit of an eco-conscious luxury yacht charter experience, committed to nurturing the health of our oceans and the planet we share.